So I was about to check out minuitae…

…because it seemed like a really interesting idea and also an unusual artistic concept. As written in the minutiae manifesto,

Social media was supposed to keep us in touch with our friends but has instead turned us all into unwitting monkeys filling out the world’s longest consumer survey.
Facebook doesn’t want your money. It wants your time.
minutiae is a response to our current moment: an anonymous anti-social media app that forces its users to document the in-between moments of life.

So I headed over to the minutiae website… and found out that the application is an exclusive to the iPhone.

Smartphone OS market share, as of 4Q2016. Source: The Verge

Above is the mobile OS market share data for 4Q16 and a comparison with 4Q15 data. According to this, Android has a 81.7 percent market share on the smartphone market, while iOS has 17.9. Also, while Android produced a 1 percent growth since Q4 2015, the growth of iOS was 0.2 percent for the same period.

No doubt that Android is the most popular mobile OS out there – and you’d think that app developers know that.

I was aware that some projects are targeted for the iPhone users: in my experience, these are mostly all-bells-and-whistles applications, nothing you can’t find a suitable (and often much better) Android alternative for. Also in my experience, most community and art projects prioritize and favor Android over iOS, as a symbol for openness and freedom, while they consider the iPhone as a symbol for fashion and technological fetishism.

So I was quite surprised that an app/project which states that

[it] is not a normal app
[it] does not provide instant gratification
[it] is not interested in your data
[it] will not increase your efficiency
[it] is not a popularity contest

chooses an OS/phone, which is a synonym for “instant gratification” and “popularity contest”.

However I can absolutely relate when they state that

minutiae is (let’s be honest) not for everyone

In deed it is not.

minutiae is certainly not for you, if you are using an Android phone.

Cover picture: screenshot of the minutiae website.

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